Finally Getting Started

So, here we go. I finally found the courage to start a blog. What will it be about you may ask? It will be about anything that I feel like writing about. As the name of the blog suggests, it is about all possible things that are of interest to me, and I hope to get you readers thinking about them, too.

My name is Marco, and I am originally from Germany, but have been living in Mexico for over decade. Hence the name of the blog, which is Spanish for Marco & German. and also happens to be the name of the pre-Euro currency in Germany.

There is a good chance that a great variety of topics will be covered. As a middle school teacher, education and teaching are obviously big issues, as well as math, science, languages and psychology. Besides, I am a huge fan of many sports, Netflix binge watcher and video game fan, and a friend of skepticism and reasoning.

So you can expect a great potpourri. never really knowing what will come next. Or… when the next article will show up. I was wondering if I should make this a weekly, biweekly, monthly or… whatever-ly thing. But life (and procrastination) get in the way and sometimes ideas will just pop up, so I will go with the flow.

I hope you will enjoy the ideas that I share with you, and that you will also share your in the discussions.

“Don’t worry about your weirdness. Embrace it! Somewhere in the world, there is somebody who is just as weird about that same thing.” — myself


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